About Us
Since its inception in 2003, Brilliant Solutions has been serving First Nation's with the best, most cost efficient and individualized technical support in order to optimze your business capabilities

Whatever your technology needs -- Deployment, Management, Service, Maintenance, Support - we can help!

Located on the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation in Muncey, Ontario. Brilliant Solutions currently services small to mid sized companies and First Nation Organizations throughout Ontario.

At Brilliant Solutions, we are always ready to assist.
We create websites
Don't have a website yet? or have one, but needs maintenance. Brilliant Solutions can help create and maintain your site. We offer domain registration, website development as well as web hosting. With a website your clients or potential clients with the opportunity to check out what you have to offer.
Recent Projects
Wireless Broadband
Internet solutions that is fast, stable and secure. We are confident that you'll find it the perfect solution for your internet needs. Up till 2007, the rural communities of Chippewas of the Thames & Oneida First Nations had no broadband service available to them and the big telecoms weren't interested in bringing Internet Broadband to areas with lower householder counts. But with us teaming up with a smaller telecom, we were able to bring broadband internet to these communities and it is vital to the daily operations of these administrations.

Just another way Brilliant Solutions is working for First Nations.
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IT Support - Commercial
From computer support, consulting, outsourcing, data backup, disaster recovery, broadband solutions, website design and cctv security systems. Brilliant Solutions is your IT partner. Located in Southwestern Ontario on the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Brilliant Solutions has been the provider of choice for small business & government. Our IT Support services ensure you get more with a better understanding of your technology needs.

We would like to show you what IT Support really is!
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Brilliant Solutions
t: 519 494 8598
e: happigeek@yahoo.ca
w: www.brilliantsolutions.ca

153 Jubilee Dr. Muncey, On. Canada
Chippewas of the Thames First Nation
IT Support - Residential
PC Pickup/Delivery Service (Residential)

The standard PC Service costs - $55 plus GST (2- 3 day business days for professional PC diagnostics and/or repair to find out what is wrong and fix it.)
Before we start any repair/service work, we’ll contact you for confirmation on how you would like to proceed once the diagnostic is completed.
CCTV Security - Commercial
Brand name commercial security equipment. Not the toys you see sold in retail stores.
We professionally install everything we sell.

Digital Video Recorders, Infared Cameras, Monitors......Call us for a quote.
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