Commercial I.T. Services

Businesses today are more dependent on technology than ever before. And they're looking to IT services for ways to improve organizational productivity, maximize resources and satisfy customers. The challenge is that in order to achieve results, IT and organizational objectives must align.

Here at Brilliant Solutions, we look to offer just that. We offer Annual Maintenance Services for our clients computers and network. The offered range is marked at the best rates possible. Our tech support will available there for Onsite support within hours. Remote support is available too .

Since 1996, we have been providing computer support, IT consulting, IT outsourcing, data backup, disaster recovery, broadband solutions, voice & data prewiring and website design.

Brilliant Solutions has been the provider of choice for small business & government. Our IT Support services ensure you get more with a better understanding of your technology needs.


Managed IT services can encompass many responsibilities but typically include: assisting organizations with the IT infrastructure, maintenance and other technical assistance, along with handling end-user systems with remote or on-site support.  

Better cost efficiency. Receive round-the-clock monitoring without the cost of a 24/7 in-house team.

Greater expertise. Instead of relying on the knowledge of a handful of in-house individuals, you’re benefiting from the expertise of a robust outsourced managed services team. 

These services may include:

    Network testing and monitoring

    Overseeing network security

    Connectivity and bandwidth

    Providing data storage

    Managing installations and upgrades

    Suggesting and implementing software patches

    Providing web hosting

    Network provisioning or virtualization

    Performance monitoring and reporting

    Providing help desk technical support

Better cost efficiency. Provide your team members with the IT support they need to perform critical tasks. Our remote help desk support allows organizations to benefit from expert assistance and constant accessibility while saving on costs. 

Break/Fix method is the process of offering IT service support through a fee-for-service model. Under this service, the client is serviced on demand and billed only for that specific service received. If that is what you are looking for we are happy to help.

We have been servicing Southwestern Ontario since 1996.